Wednesday, December 15, 2004

A Vile State of Affairs

I just got an email about this.

You know, it occurs to me that since it is pretty clear that the current state of affairs is being handled in much the same manner by much the same people as it was about 30 years ago, we'd all be fools to think that they don't have the next 30 years planned out in a similar fashion as well.

If that's the case, they should be grooming protoge's at this point, as some of these people simply will not be around in 30 years. It should be possible to identify those people.

Wouldn't be ironic if the first Black woman president was a Republican? It looks to me like there's one possible protege' right there. There should be more. These people are having their power base firmly established and entrenched even as we speak, and if those who believe in denying fear the power it seeks over humanity wish to stop these people from being unassailable in the future, we have an obligation to attempt to do so *now*.

I predict that in all likelihood these people will *not* be in elected positions at present, and will not be so until their power base is solidly established. They already recognize that it would be too easy to remove them from elected positions if they are otherwise weak. Political power that they wield will come from being in appointed positions. They will also be stockholders in companies that profit from the politics of fear.

I suggest that, as vile as it may sound, people who oppose fear also become investors in said companies. This certainly sounds counterproductive until you realize that these people will not sacrifice their own monetary base in order to weaken us. It also allows some degree of information and influence that otherwise would not be available. It also allows for better research into our opponents.

I do not and will not advocate violent or illegal methods to bring these people down. That is anathema to my position. What I do advocate is exposing these people to the light of day, and showing the convoluted network of connections they undoubtedly already share.


Tristram Coffin said...

Yes, your suggestion does sound "vile" in a way; but I concur with your reasoning. Indeed, I thought of your suggested approach some while back and have wrestled on and off with the moral implications of it, namely this: While investing would allow us to study the beast and become better able to fight it, until the beast is defeated we'd also be investing in robbery, war, and the destruction of our planet. Still, if this might be the best or only way to bring the beast down, the moral balance would favor doing it.

Aaron F Stanton said...

However, stockholders have an important power: As the true owners of a company, they can have a degree over the direction the company takes. Since I don't buy many of the things I consider psychic toxin, they will not be profiting from me. In the meantime, I would hope to be able to work to steer the company away from making poison. It might bring the value of the stock down, which would be reducing my investment, but it hurts the big players more than it hurts me. In the meantime, it helps society.

A pyrrhic victory is still a victory.