Friday, December 24, 2004

Pre-Holiday Ramblings

So most of this week I've been trying to get over a nasty head cold. I think part of it is caused by the dry air in our house. I wake up with awful headaches, sweating and dehydrated. The heat kicks on, and I wind up with what feels like a hangover, despite the lack of alchohol. Ugh. So I got an overpriced mediocre large orange juice on the way in to work today, and it seems to have helped.

On the way in to work today? Yeah, we don't have Christmas Eve as a holiday here, and I'm trying to save paid time off for March. I'm the only one here right now, though. (Ok, someone else just arrived. He's so new he doesn't have any accumulated paid time off, so he kinda has to be here, or eat the time as unpaid.) I'm going to leave in a bit and help a friend pick up an 8 foot couch he bought for his new apartment. We'll drag that up a flight of stairs, as I don't envision that fitting into an elevator with any grace at all.

The other bit about having a cold is that Ben had one last week. That sucked. He stayed home from day care Monday through Thursday, which played havoc with our schedules, but we got by. That's likely where I got this asskicker of a cold, though. Now I know how he was feeling. Poor kid.

It's very white here. We got a bunch of snow the last couple days, probably close to a foot here, about two feet of it south and east of us. I don't hate the snow or cold weather nearly as much as I did when I was growing up. I think what I dislike most about it is the dry air and how utterly inconvenient it is to discover you're trapped somewhere when you had other plans. Oh, yeah, that and frickin moronic drivers...but that's always true. I never have had much tolerance for idiots, and this weather provides plenty of opportunities for people to display their prowess at the fine art of being a total ****wit.

Huh. I wonder if I better go back and reread the ToS for this place and edit that. We'll see. (Ok, so I did go back and read the ToS, and maybe that extremely versatile word I had in place of those stars could be construed as vulgar or obscene. A pity that this day and age has me self-censoring like that.)

Anyway, tomorrow is Christmas. I was up til 11 last night building furniture for Ben's new room. He's not getting a bunch of toys from us, rather he's getting a new room. We want him to not feel displaced come March. He's got some cool stuff, and one of the things is a train table. That's sitting here in my office right now, and I need to get that home somehow today. Grandparents and a friend are getting hime some Brio train set stuff, and I think he'll love it. We are getting him some toys, too, don't worry, but the bulk of it is getting a new room ready for him. (By the way, Brio is a brand of wooden train toys. No electric trains for a toddler. They're pretty expensive, but I'm told they are also rather durable.) I'll let you know what he thinks of his new room.

I need to get working on Lore. I have projects set up on SourceForge, as I mentioned earlier, but it took some effort to figure out how to get CVS support to work right on my XP (Home, I'm afraid to admit) laptop. Once set up, it seems pretty easy, so now it's down to brass tacks. Lore-gcc is the first bit I'm going to work on. A front end to gcc via lex and yacc seems like a decent route to take. Several of the languages seem to define their own macros for code generation, so there's just one more piece for me to dig deeply into. Hey, if any of you know any good sites for designing MMORPG's, let me know. (As if I have magically established an enormous fan base for this blog. Hah.)

Well, I'm off. Merry Christmas and all that.

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