Tuesday, December 14, 2004


So I now have 5 new projects listed on SourceForge. I'm not going to link to them here just yet, as they are totally empty and will be for some time. I'll take a moment to describe them here, though:

Two are compilers for the same language. This sounds a bit stupid at first, but bear with me: One is a new front end for gcc, and will be written in C. The other will be written in the new language (which I am calling Lore), and will target a few platforms that gcc currently doesn't - the JVM and .Net. Both use a stack based system, and I heard that retargeting gcc to a stack is a pain. The second is a bootstrapping compiler, and I'll add more targets to it over time - Win32 will be the first, but Linux and Mac are also on the to-do list.

The next is pretty obviously a standard library for Lore. It will initially be just enough to get the bootstrapping compiler to work, but after that will be things like data compression and digital signatures. I want the compiler suite to be able to generate modern binaries and distribution units, and those are two mandatory parts.

Also is a miscellaneous category. In the course of creating a compiler, other tools will emerge, like a parser generator (think ANTLR), (maybe even a back end generator, like what lcc uses), plugins for IDEs, and editing modes. That's where all this junk will land.

The last project is a game. Both multiplayer and single player modes allowed. Think of it as a really lame Neverwinter Nights wannabe. ;) I figure that a language needs an application to be useful. Otherwise it's just an exercise in mental masturbation, and while that can be fun, it's pretty pointless.

If you get a wild hair to track down my projects, you now have enough information to find at least one of them, and from that get to my username, and then the other projects. Feel free to donate money once you get there. ;)

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