Saturday, August 04, 2007


So it's about 2 AM here, and I'm tired. I have bought plane tickets to go back to Indy in about a week. I'll be working when I can there, spending time with my kids, and hanging out with friends and family. I haven't seen them in over a month, so it will be good. It's also good that August is a 3 check month. It makes it easier. It's not cheap to fly to Indy, less so on such short notice. With proper planning, I can get tickets about a month ahead of time for around $400.

I'm less enchanted with Rails lately. Looking into the guts of it, some things annoy me. The most obvious is not properly escaping table names. If I want to name a class "Line", ActiveRecord pukes out because it wants to find a table named "lines", which should be fine, except that the SQL generated doesn't escape the table name, which means it is garbage SQL. This is a simply retarded mistake to make. So, given that, what else is broken that I haven't noticed yet?

I still like comic books. The Dark Tower just ended, and it was good. There is a new Buffy series that picks up where the TV show left off, and it's already on issue 5, dammit. Maybe I'll try to dig up the back issues while I am in Indy, as the local place doesn't have them all in stock.

I need to start creating again.

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Ben said...

To a Ruby On Rails programmer, not escaping table names isn't a bug, it's a feature. The only way it would be considered a bug is if it could cause a security problem.

Why? Because rails is opinionated software, and DHH doesn't like table names that are the same as keywords. I guess he thinks of them as being like variables in Ruby, and you can't have a variable clash with a keyword in Ruby. Most rails developers agree with DHH on most things, and even if they didn't, he's the BDFL.

I hope you stick with it. There's a lot of code in there than can be re-used, and a lot of great libraries and plug-ins on top of Rails.