Saturday, July 14, 2007

Walla Walla

Things have changed.

June 21 I got into a truck and drove. For 5 days. I wound up in Walla Walla, WA, the location of my new employer. Lived in a hotel until I got an apartment on July 1.


I know almost nobody here outside of work and a few people who works at shops near here, and really have only hung out with my boss socially. I need to find a D&D group here, or create one, especially since my D&D stuff was among the first stuff I unpacked, for some reason. I have several empty bookshelves in my apartment, and lots of stuff in storage.

It's a RoR job, which is cool. The people here are mostly green, but have some good talent. There's potential for some really cool stuff to happen here, so I am excited about that.

The downside is that I miss my kids. I talk to them every night at bedtime, but have not seen them since I left. I'm not financially in a situation yet to begin contemplating flying back to Indy, but I should be soon. We get paid biweekly, and the check I get on the 20th will mostly go to rent, but we get paid 3 times in August, so that's good.

So...that's life right now.


cubiclegrrl said...

Humor my ignorance, but what's RoR? Good to see something a bit more cheerful here. I'd been wondering how you were dealing with the rather drastic change of scenery...

Take care.

- cubiclegrrl

Nile said...

Just wanted to say hello! (<: Love you, dad