Friday, March 06, 2009

Life is just...weird.

So this morning I was driving to work, and as I was driving through my apartment complex I saw this gigantic piece of metal mostly off to the side of the road. It looked sort of like a bathtub, or huge sink, but with wires. Naturally I stopped my car to get out and look. From every angle I'm looking this thing over, and it turns out that it's the firewall of a car. You know, that part of the car between your dashboard and the engine. There's no frame of the car, no outside part...just this...firewall. I look at the ground, and there's no sign of a wreck - besides, that'd be one hell of a wreck to knock one of those loose, and there'd be more stuff. Nope. There are some pieces of broken plastic on the ground and a white arc on the ground leading up to it.

So what happened is that this huge thing fell off...something...and someone dragged it to the side of the road.

What that hell?

But that's not all. I get back into my car and drive, and as I get to the exit from my complex, I happen to glance into my mirror and see that there's something odd about the mouth of the woman driving the car behind me. It's too big, and green, with a yellow circle hanging off it. Huh?

She's got a pacifier in her mouth.

No, seriously.

I think maybe it's one of those candy rings, you know, with a big sugar "gem", but...I don't think so, actually. The "ring" part is something like an inch and a half in diameter, and sort of hinged, I'm pretty sure. So...she's got a pacifier. And even if it is one of those candy rings, that's still just strange to see at 8 in the morning. In a grown woman's mouth. She's not a teenager, she's close to my age.

So...yeah. Life is just weird.

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