Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Christmas Eve

So it's a bit after 10 pm of Xmas Eve 2008. My kids are quietly excited in their room, unable to get to sleep. I'm patiently waiting for them to do so, as the last presents have yet to be wrapped. The year is almost over, and I'm thinking about next year and what it might hold, and what this last one has been.

I'm coming to terms with the idea of being friends with my ex without us being active participants in each other's lives.

I'm thinking that dating is a good thing.

I am really enjoying the company I work for. The company as a whole, and my team in particular. I've never had the good fortune to work with a more professional and competent group of people.

I'm just as much in debt now as I was a year ago, and two years ago. It will take a drastic, ridiculously drastic, improvement in my income to alter that. I make better money now than I ever have in my life, and even if I spent no money on anything but rent and child support, it would take years upon years to dig myself out.

I somehow have a much worse social life now, in my home town, than I did in Walla Walla, surrounded by strangers.

I haven't exercised in about a year.

This time last year, I had begun talks with the recruiter for my current employer. I have no regrets about having worked for the fine folks in Walla Walla, nor do I have any about leaving them for here. I miss some of my friends from there, though.

All this change, and yet I feel stagnant. I've made little progress on things I'd like to accomplish.

So what does 2009 hold?

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