Thursday, April 03, 2008

Ow, poor Ben

Seems that Ben fell down while jumping rope yesterday and took a divot out of his chin. Chris tells me that she doesn't see how it can't leave a scar, as it's chewed up pretty badly. She's making sure it doesn't get infected and all of that, and I'm sure he'll be fine.

Still, I feel bad for the guy. I know stuff like this is part of being a kid, but I don't like him being hurt.

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Da Cuz said...

Hi Cuz - actually, I'm your first cousin once removed! I've been trying to track you down for awhile! Should've googled you long ago.

I hope Ben is ok! My boy Aidan is two years younger, and well, owies are just a way of life! The last time we all saw each other was at your grandmother's funeral when Aidan (and Ben) were much shorter.

Anyway, would love to touch base live - I have a friend interested in your work. Your mom should have my work email and phone, and probably my home phone as well. I'm pretty sure she has her Uncle Tom's phone, so you could get in touch with me that way as well!

Take good care - Cousin Mary