Thursday, January 10, 2008


Yesterday Ben lost his first tooth, and, taking after his mom, he accidentally ate it. Seems it came out while he was enjoying a Rice Krispy Treat, and gulp, gone. more milestone I've missed by being out here.

While visiting with the kids Zoe apparently decided she's afraid of spiders. Not that she actually is, mind you, she just decided she is. A conversation:

"A spider!"
"Did it bite you?"
"It bit my booty!"
"Is it gonna eat you?"
"Is it gonna eat me?"
"Is it gonna eat the world?"
"Is it gonna eat the sun?"
"Is it gonna eat space?"
"Is it gonna eat itself?"
"What's gonna be left?"
"Its booty."
(laugh) "And then is it gonna eat its booty?"
"And then what's left?"
"Just biting."

That last response gave me pause. Ah...that's my girl.

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