Monday, August 15, 2005

This sucks

I am always tired. I know I don't get enough sleep, but this is ridiculous. I can nap off and on nearly all day, and I'm still tired. I wake up tired, and my limbs are sore when I get up.

I'm starting to wonder if I've broken something in my energy storage/replenishmnet system. If my batteries have capped out at a new low or something.

I know I'm not exercising enough - i.e. at all. Maybe that's part of the problem. Maybe some exercise would help me be able to store more energy. I don't know.

I'm just tired.

All. The. Time.


new said...

Are you stressed all the time? I found that when I have bad week in a job I usually sleep worse.

Exercising is a great thing to do. I've been doing this for two months regularly. I've had forgotten how sweet is to feel a tired body. I'm going to work on my condidion too. I should have started exercising much sooner.

Aaron F Stanton said...

Yeah, pretty stressed of late. I'm not exactly sure when I would exercise, which is part of the problem. Not much time available, between work, kids, writing, and, oh yeah, SLEEP. Ugh.


new said...

Try to do few exercises for few days. Nothing big, nothing taking much time. Spend few minutes for it every time. 5, 10 min., just to recall how it is. Try to get tired because of it and rest few minutes. I started like that.

Now I'm spending usually 30 min. per day (plan to extend it) doing some simple exercises and I don't find this time wasted as I had thought about exercising before I started (I hadn't exercised before because I always thought I didn't have time to do it).

Now I enjoy especially moments when I'm tired and laying flat on the floor resting for few minutes. It's really great :-)