Friday, March 04, 2005

Zoe Elizabeth Stanton

was born 5:16 PM Indiana time, March 2nd, weighing 6 lbs 9 oz., and measuring 20 inches long. A quick labor and pretty easy delivery overall. We're all home now, healthy and happy. Ben (her big brother) seems to like her well enough for now, but he hasn't had major changes to his life just yet, so we'll see how that goes over time. She's beautiful (yes, I'm biased, but I'm a dad and I damn well better be biased), sleeps peacefully a lot, and eats pretty well.

Thanks, everyone! By the way, I'll be posting pics as soon as we have some handy digital to post. Yeah, I should get with the 21st century and buy a decent digital camera someday.


dkjariwala said...

Wow! Congratulations Aaron!

Also, not only get a digital camera but get a handycam as well. I think recording how your baby grows, is a great idea. [And start reading Eric Meyer as he writes about raising his kid. :)]


Joel G said...

I would have to second JD's suggestion of a getting a video camera. I'm sure you'll love to recall these moments on tape for years to come.