Tuesday, November 09, 2004

Quiet musings

Sometimes I feel obligated to write something, anything. Not that I expect anyone in particular to read it, and not that I really have anything to say, but mostly to be in the habit of writing. This is one of those times. Like a really good bowel movement, sometimes you just need to evacuate your mind.

I'm running a D&D game lately with a group with a wide range of experience. I've played since 1979, and a couple of the players have played about that long. There are also a couple that have played, but not in years and years, and at least one that has never played before. The novelty of it all is something to see. There is such a plethora of material these days that it's really easy to get lost. I'm just using the core 3 books to start out, but in the design I am (will be) using several other texts. As people get used to the rules, whether new players or old, I'll be introducing some variant rules and additions to make it even more interesting. In hopes of not startling them too badly I want to collect the rules and give them something to read on their own. We've had a few sessions, and they've solved a couple simple problems. I'm also including hints for long term complexity, which is always fun - factions, alliances, recurring villains, and so on.

Unfortunately what I haven't spent enough time on is background. I need to spend quite a bit of time spread out over a much longer time to give it the substantial depth that makes a long term game worthwhile. I need maps, deities, organizations, and so on. Names and NPC's and rumors and legends. It's easy to ad lib a low level game for a while, but if you want a game to last 10 years or more you really need to do a lot of work up front. (I know - I've done it before.)

So anyway, I guess that's what was floating around in my head. As always, it feels good to get it out.

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